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The Handling Materials and Application of Rotary Kiln Burner:

Rotary kiln burner can be used in some industries such as metallurgy, the chemical, cement and so on, whose energy power can be chosen between gas and oil. This series burner can be applied in the following fuel such as natural gas, oven gas, producer gas, light oil, heavy oil, residual oil and so on.

The Inner Structure and Working Process of Rotary Kiln Burner:

The structure of coal powder burner is just like the presentation in the following picture, which is made of piping, valves, compensators, measuring instruments, nozzles and protective layer refractory castable. Tubes from the outside to the insider are including axial duct, coal duct, swirl duct, central air duct and fuel pipes assembled. Nozzle is processed by the newly developed special material.

Technical data:

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