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Sandstone equipment

Mobile Impct Crusher

Mobile impact crusher is usually equipped with impact crusher and vibrating screen on one machine. It is widely used for processing kinds of stones and ores, such as granite, limestone, quarry stones, gravel, basalt, aggregate, gold ore, iron ore, coal, etc.

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Hot Issues of Mobile Impact Crusher

Application of Mobile Impact Crusher

Mobile impact crusher is a kind of movable crusher with high flexibility and mobility. It can integrate crusher and screen on one machine. It is widely used for stone ores crushing screening in mining, quarry, construction, and other industries.

Application Field mining, quarry, construction, road, etc.
Processing Materials granite, aggregate, rubble, rock, gravel, basalt, gold ore, iron ore,etc.
Hot Sale Capacity 30-50t/h, 60-80t/h, 80-100t/h, 100-150t/h, 150-200t/h, etc.

Types of Mobile Impact Crusher

According to structure, mobile impact crusher is divided into two types: wheel mobile crusher (semi-mobile crusher) and tracked mobile crusher (crawler mounted crusher).

Final Output Size

Common output size includes 0-10mm, 10-20mm, 20-30mm, 30-40mm, etc, they also be known as 1/4”, 1/2”, 3/4”, G1, G2, etc, meeting your needs in different industries.

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As leading mobile crusher manufacturer and supplier in China, all of our mobile crushers are factory-direct sold at factory price to over 90 countires, saving costs, product quality guaranteed.

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Technical Parameters

Wheel-type Mobile Impact Crusher

Tracked Impact Crusher

Model FTM938F1210 FTM938F1214 FTM1149F1315 FTM1349F1110 FTM1349F1315
Transportation Length(mm) 12000 12000 13900 15450 15450
Transportation Width(mm) 2550 2550 2900 2950 2950
Transportation Height(mm) 3900 3900 4450 4500 4500
Maximum Length(mm) 12500 12500 13900 15450 15450
Maximum Width(mm) 3250 3260 3250 3250 3250
Maximum Height(mm) 5100 5200 5200 5200 5200
Weight(t) 39 44 54 62 62
Crusher Model PF-1210 PF-1214 PF-1315 HD1110 HD1315
The Maximum Feeding Size(mm) 350 350 500 400 700
Production Capacity(t/h) 70-130 100-180 130-250 112 280
Vibrating Feeder ZSW950×3800 ZSW950×3800 ZSW110×4900 ZSW130×4900 ZSW130×4900
Main Belt Conveyor B800×8.5M B800×8.5M B1000×9.5M B800×11M B1200×11M
Side-opening Belt conveyor(Optional) B500×3.2M B500×3.2M B650×4M B650×4M B650×4M
Genset(Optional) (kw) 320 320 400 320 440
Iron Separator (Optional)(kw) RCYD(C)-8 RCYD(C)-8 RCYD(C)-10 RCYD(C)-8 RCYD(C)-12


Model WT110 WT110S WT1213 WT1213S WT1315
Dimensions of Transmission Devices Length 14000mm 16000mm 15500mm 19000mm 17000mm
Width 3000mm 3200mm 3200mm 3600mm 3200mm
Height 3600mm 3600mm 3800mm 3800mm 3800mm
Weight 40t 45t 53t 60t 65t
Feeder Hopper Volume 3m³ 3m³ 5m³ 5m³ 5m³
Loading Height 3900mm 4000mm 3900mm 4100mm 4000mm
Primary Screen Power 5.2kw 5.2kw 6.12kw 6.12kw 6.12kw
Sieve Dimensions 1040×924mm 1040×924mm 1140×924mm 1140×924mm 1240×930mm
Crusher Model CI1110M CI1110M CI1213M CI1213M CI1315M
Inlet Dimensions 1020×860mm 1020×860mm 1320×900mm 1320×900mm 1540×900mm
Max.Feeding Size 400mm 400mm 500mm 500mm 600mm
The Feeder at the Bottom Hopper Volume 0.8m³ 0.8m³ 1m³ 1m³ 1.5m³
Power 5.2kw 5.2kw 5.2kw 5.2kw 6.12kw
Unearthed Belt Conveyors Dimensions(Width×Length) 650×3500mm 650×3500mm 650×3500mm 650×3500mm 650×3500mm
Dumping Height 2200mm 2200mm 2200mm 2200mm 2400mm
Main Belt Conveyor Dimensions(Width×Length) 1000×8500mm 1000×8500mm 1000×9900mm 1000×9900mm 1200×11000mm
Dumping Height 3300mm 3300mm 3500mm 3500mm 3800mm
Secondary Screen Power 6.12kw 6.12kw
Sieve Dimensions 1500×3600 1500×4200
Belt Conveyors at the Bottom Dimensions(Width×Length) 1000×5800mm 1000×6200mm
Dumping Height 2900mm 3000mm
Transferring Belt Conveyor Dimensions(Width×Length) 650×2500mm 650×2800mm
Dumping Height 1400mm 1400mm
Belt Conveyors for Discharging Material Dimensions(Width×Length) 500×8000mm 500×9200mm
Dumping Height 4200mm 4500mm
Iron Remover Model RCYQ-10 RCYQ-10 RCYQ-10 RCYQ-10 RCYQ-10
Diesel Engine Power 96kw 106kw 106kw 132kw 132kw
Manufacturer Carter Perkins Carter Perkins Carter Perkins Carter Perkins Carter Perkins
The Main Machine Power 253kw 274kw 304kw 324.4kw 366kw
Ways of Controlling Wired/Wireless (optional) Wired/Wireless (optional) Wired/Wireless (optional) Wired/Wireless (optional) Wired/Wireless (optional)

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