A Broad Prospect in the Development of Dry-mixed Mortar

December 09, 2014

Recently, the lack of energy is becoming more and more severe. In the national total energy consumption, the proportion that the building energy consumption accounts for has risen from 27.6% to more than 33%. It will be a key point to promote the energy conservation of buildings in the future. To be of energy conservation in construction is the most direct and economical measure, which can save energy, improve people’s living conditions, decrease the environmental pollution, and can promote the economy sustainable development. Specifically, it is to use more efficient building materials to reduce the heat loss and to save energy. Thus, it’s necessary to promote the energy conservation in construction. In dry-mixed mortar, the mortar used for wall heat preservation system has many advantages like high bonding strength, high flexibility, and low water absorption. It is widely used in heat preservation in building. The implement of the energy conservation in building will promote the development of the market of the mortar used for heat preservation.

Although there are many difficulties in the using process of dry-mixed mortar plant, that it will replace the traditional mortar is doubtless. According to recent development trend, in the future in our country, the development of dry-mixed mortar mainly focuses on the following points:

  1. To take advantage of the mortar made from industrial waste or local materials. The utilization of coal ash, slag, waste stone powder, and the waste residue of refining oil can not only lower the cost of dry-mixed mortar, improve the property of the mortar, but also can be beneficial to protect environment and save resources.

  2. To develop new varieties of mortar. Only by developing comprehensive and market-oriented varieties of mortar can its scope of application not be limited, which can offer advantages to the successful promotion of it.

  3. To develop the production technology of mortar by ourselves. Recently, the domestic production technology of dry-mixed mortar is not mature. In general, the dry-mixed mortar production lines are introduced from foreign countries. The cost of its investment and the production line is about 20 million to 30 million RMB. It’s too expensive. Only by developing the mortar production line which accords to China’s national situation can we create conditions for building dry-mixed mortar manufacturers, which can lower both the cost of investment and that of production.

  4. To coordinate with the wall materials. The authority in our country insists on promoting new wall materials. Thus, it is necessary to develop the mortar which is coordinated with the recent main wall materials.

The dry mortar production line, made by Fote Heavy Machinery, is high efficient and of energy conservation so that it is welcomed by many gravel manufacturers.

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