Bad Effects of Feeding Excessive Material to the Ball Mill

May 05, 2015

In the operation of a ball mill, if the operator conducts it in a wrong way or there are some faults, the load of the ball mill will increase so fast, which will lead to a bad effect that there are excessive materials being ground by the ball mill. Then, the efficiency of the ball mill to grind ore will decrease. Besides, it will have an influence on the output of the ball mill.

There are some reasons why a ball mill can not grind more materials. The most common one is that the moisture of the material being ground by the ball mill is too much, which is more than 2.0%. And the ventilation is not good. The blowing air can not, in time, take the fine materials and the steam, forming in the powder grinding process, out of the grinding tube. If the moisture of the material is too much, the material may stick to the steel balls of the ball mill or the surface of the lining plate, which will strengthen the buffering function and shorten the powder grinding efficiency of the ball mill. Meanwhile, the wet material may jam the gaps of the intermediate diaphragm or the outlet diaphragm, which will lead to the difficulty in discharging the material and cause that the ball mill can not grind more materials.

Besides, the comb joints of the diaphragm plate of the ore grinding machine may get stuck by iron fillings or other stuffs. In the closed system of the ball mill, the efficiency of the dust separator to separate powder will decrease. The amount of the material needed to be ground again is large. At the same time, the amount of the material ready to be fed into the ball mill does not decrease. The powder grinding capacity of the ball mill can not cater to this situation. Many reasons will cause that the ball mill can not grind more material. For example, it may be because the average diameter of the steel balls in the 1st chamber is too small or the filling rate is too low. Or the filing rate of the grinding media in the 1st chamber is too much lower than that of the ones in the 2nd chamber, which will cause that one intermediate diaphragm or two intermediate diaphragms in the 1st or 2nd chamber may be broken off partially or be perforated. Then, the grinding media in one chamber may go into another chamber, which will weaken the powder grinding capacity of the ball mill.

In order to make the material continue being fed into the ball mill normally, we should find the reasons. Besides, the operators should conduct the ball mill according to the operating instructions and the suggestions of the manufacturer. Only in this way can the ball mill be in operation continually.

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