Cone Crushers Are More Expensive than Other Crushing Machines

August 01, 2014

Cone crushers are the common used crushing equipment in mining crushing and stone production lines. Cone crushers are mainly used in the secondary crushing or fine crushing process, sometimes in the coarse crushing process. But in recent years, it has been found that the prices of cone crushers are much higher than that of other kinds of crushing machines.

The value of other types of crushing machines can not compare with the value of cone crushers. First of all, there are lots of model numbers of cone crushers and the specifications of cone crushers are reasonable. The range of the cone crusher’s output sizes is 3mm-40mm. Every output size has its corresponding cone crusher, which can meet any requirements for gravel. Second of all, the cost of a cone crusher is lower than that of an other crushing machine with the same output as the cone crusher’s. The power consumption of the cone crusher is low for per unit of production. The wear rate of it is low. It is stable and reliable and has the advanced safety device. It’s convenient to clean and maintain cone crushers, which does not waste the user’s time. Besides, there are many difficulties in processing the parts of cone crushers because of lots of conical and spherical surfaces. Thus sometimes, the digital controlled lathe is needed. Many parts and bearings with high standard are often needed. Some of them need to be imported. Therefore, the increase of the cost of cone crushers can not be avoided.

In a word, cone crushers are good value for money. The benefits of cone crushers are unmatched.

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