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Five Problems of Pebble Sand Making Machines

2014/10/28 2:18:43

The pebble sand making machine, which is also named vertical shaft impact crusher, is widely used in the secondary crushing and the fine crushing of various rock, abrasive materials, refractory materials, cement clinker, and a variety of hard and friable materials, such as quartz stone, iron ore, concrete aggregate. It is suitable for producing building sand and the sand used for road construction. The pebble sand making machine is one of the necessary equipment in sand making production line. Thus, it is important to get to know what problems the pebble sand making machine may have when it is in operation and how to deal with them.

When the pebble sand making machine is in operation, there may be five problems of it:

Problem1: The machine body is wiggling fiercely.

Cause: The quick-wear parts of the impeller have been worn badly; the particle size of the fed materials is too big; or there are some obstructions in the impeller passage.

Solutions: Replace the quick-wear parts; reduce the particle size of the fed materials; or take out the obstructions.

Problem2: The particle size of the finished products is too big.

Cause: The triangle belt is too loose.

Solution: Tension the triangle belt.

Problem3: The idling resistance is too high.

Cause: Some materials are stuffed inside the sealed cap of the bearings.

Solution: Open the upper sealed cap and clean up.

Problem4: The bearings are hot.

Cause: The lack of oil; some dust is in the machine; or the bearing is broken.

Solutions: Refuel or clean the bearings; replace the bearings.

Problem5: There is the clash of metals.

Cause: The liner plate or the quick-wear part of the impeller is fallen off.

Solution: Fasten it again.

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