Grasping the Structure of the Ball Mill Can Improve the Grinding Efficiency

September 20, 2015

It is very important to get to know the structure features of the ball mill. By understanding it, in the operation process of the ball mill, we can make full use of this machine. A beneficial condition can always make the ore grinding process be in operation more efficiently. Fote Heavy Machinery will provide you with the most professional service.

The Components of the Main Engine of the Ball Mill

1. Tube Body. There are the lining plates made form wear-resistant materials inside the tube body of the ball mill.

2. Bearings. There are some bearings which can bear the tube body and can make it rotate constantly.

3. Driving Devices. There are some driving devices of the ball mill, such as the electric motor, transmission gear, pulley, triangle belt, and so on.

As a part of the ball mill, the blade, in general, is not the major part. Inside the inlet are the internal spirals, which can be called inner spiral blades. And inside the outlet are some spirals, which can also be called inner spiral blades. Besides, at the discharge end, the screw conveyor, used as an auxiliary equipment, can be adopted. Inside it, there is a part called spiral blade, but, strictly speaking, which does not belong to a part of the ball mill.

The Structure Features of the Ball Mill

The structure features of the ball mill can be researched in some aspects, mainly including the type of the ball mill, the diameter, the length and its discharge method.

1. The diameter of the ball mill determines the grinding capacity of the grinding media, and the motion state and the critical rotating speed of it.

2. The period in which the materials run in the ball mill is determined by the length of the ball mill.

3. Both of the diameter and the length of the ball mill determine the effective volume of the ball mill, which can limit the volume of the ball mill and the handling capacity of the ball mill.

4. The discharge method of the ball mill directly affects the ore pulp amount. Meanwhile, the discharge method has an effect on the filling rate and the proportion of the media. Therefore, it will have an influence on the productivity of the ball mill, the quality of the finished products, and on the energy consumption during the ore grinding process.

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