How to Do It When Raymond Mill Discharges Powder Abnormally

January 02, 2018

Raymond mill is a kind of pulverizing equipment that applies widely in mine, cement factory and chemical plant. It is an important machine to further process the non-metallic minerals, and gets the great praise of lots of users. However, the majority of users will encounter the situation that Raymond mill discharges powder abnormally during using it. In order to help users solve this problem, our experts take the following analysis, hoping it can play effect.

I. The Abnormal Reasons of Raymond Mill Powder

1. The lock device of powder doesn’t seal tight

If the seal work of lock device is not complete in the grinding process, it will form powder suck-back phenomenon, which can cause Raymond mill doesn’t discharge powder or less powder, so it is necessary to check the lock device and adjust the seal degree.

2. The analytical machine does not play a role

The analytical machine of Raymond mill is mainly to analyze whether the size of finished powder is meet the standard, and whether it need to be ground again. It can’t play the role of classifying in the case of the serious wear of the analytical machine’s fan, which will cause the powder too coarse or too fine. Under this circumstance, users just need to replace a new fan to solve it.

3. The fan is not adjusted well

If the air volume of the machine fan is not adjusted well, the powder will also be abnormal. When the air volume is too large, the powder will be too coarse; on the contrary, the powder will be too fine. Given the above situation, users should adjust the air volume to correct the powder size, after confirming the other situation is normal.

4. Some malfunctions occur to the blade

The blade of Raymond mill is used for scooping up the materials. When the blade has been used for some time or its quality is not so good, the wear degree will be high, and the material can’t be scooped up. This situation will also cause the powder cannot be discharged or too less. It needs to replace a new blade, which can ensure this equipment can work normally.

II. How Can Raymond Mill Discharge a Large Amount of Powder

Generally, it has the following requirements if users want to let Raymond mill has a large amount of powder and high yield in the production process.

1. Scientific and reasonable collocation

When Raymond mill is working, on the one hand, users should consider whether the equipment model meets the daily production demand to avoid its over-load work. On the other hand, when users select the materials, the materials should be moderate hardness and more suitable for Raymond mill. If the materials’ hardness is too high, it will be difficult to achieve the grinding work, because the materials will block in the discharge port, resulting in the difficulty of outputting powder.

2. Regular maintenance

Raymond mill should be examined and maintained after being used for a period of time. At the same time, the grinding roller, grinding ring, blade and other wear components need to be inspected and replaced. Before and after using of roller device, users should check the connecting bolts and nuts carefully to guarantee they are tight and the grease is enough. In addition, when replacing the roller after it is used for around 500 hours, the roller bearings in the roller must be cleaned, and the worn components should be replaced timely.

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