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How to Improve the Working Efficiency of Ball Mill?

2017/12/14 13:58:03

The working efficiency of ball mill is pointing to the larger production output in one certain time in the situation of guaranteeing the quality of the finished products. There are so many ball mill brands and manufacturers at this right minute, and certainly the technological level and theory level between them are not far from each other, and then how to improve the working efficiency while guaranteeing the design and output of the manufacturers is one problem for us to solve.

To improve the overall working efficiency firstly should guarantee whether the operation status of those machines are reasonable or not, and the second is to guarantee the accuracy of the feeding size and the other elements.

The standard of feeding port is different from every grinding machine, and the operation and production capacity will be influenced if the features of those raw materials exceed its toleration range, and the features are including the feeding port, hardness and the humidity.

To improve the production is meaning to improve the working efficiency of ball mill, and the main elements influencing the efficiency are including the materials and shape of plate, the hardness of raw materials, feeding size, humidity, and the number of the grinding media.

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