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How to Prolong the Service Life of the Mineral Processing Equipment

2016/4/12 18:28:35

As we all know, all the machines have their service lives. However, in this process, how to prolong the service life is such a very important issue. In fact, the service lives of the common mineral processing machines are not certain, which are related to the types of the beneficiation. For example, the service life of the gold processing equipment is much less than that of the common equipment. In the gold ore processing plant, the main equipment are the crushing equipment and the ore grinding equipment. Besides, there are some mixers. Therefore, in the gold ore processing plant, there are two main types of the beneficiation.

As for iron ore, the service life of its processing equipment is a little longer. The hematite processing machines are adopted, which means that some gravity separation operations are conducted. At this time, some low-intensity magnetic separations and gravity separation operations are adopted. However, in general, the magnetic separation process is combined with some other mineral processes, which is a quite simple process. The only things that you have to do are to do some simple daily maintenance and to operate the machines according to the suggestions made by the manufacturer. Meanwhile, It is also a nice choice for many minerals enterprises.

Therefore, as for the gold ore processing equipment or the iron ore processing equipment, in order to meet a certain standard in maintenance and to prolong its service life, you should get to know the properties of the machines to some extent, assign some staffs to do the related maintenance, and operate machines according to the suggestions made by the manufacturer, which can avoid that the equipment needs to be replaced frequently to some extent and can save some cost for your company and be beneficial to the mineral separation process.

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