How to Prolong the Service Life of the Wood Chipper

September 01, 2015

As we know, now matter what we bought, we hope that its service life is long. No one wants to buy a stuff with a short service life. The service life of a product is closely related to its quality. In general, the service life of the wood chipper, made by Fote, is more than 5 years. If the user wants to use it for a longer time, he or she should pay attention to the maintenance of the machine. Then, how to prolong the service life of the wood chipper?

In fact, in order to prolong the service life of the wood chipper, the user should focus on its maintenance routinely. Every day, the temperature of the machine should be paid attention to. In general, the temperature should be about 500℃. Sometimes, because the speed of shaving and cutting wood is quite fast, the temperature of the machine will be too much high. At this time, if you lower the shaving and cutting speed, the temperature will decrease naturally. But, if the temperature can not decrease in this way, the machine should be stopped to be checked.

After a day of work, the wood chipper should be cleaned and checked. It should be checked whether some parts of it are loose. Some lubricant should be added in the machine regularly to avoid that the machine is in the dry run, which will do harm to the machine extremely. Even, it may destroy the parts of the machine. Besides, it should be noticed that no metal items can be put into the machine.

All you have to do about how to prolong the service life of the wood chipper are mentioned above. If there are something else you do not know or want to know, please focus on us, Fote Heavy Machinery.

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