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How to Solve the Noise of Ball Mill?

2017/12/5 16:56:06

Ball mill is one mechanical engineering equipment being used for processing the mineral ores, the materials it can process are limestone, dolomite and calcite in the following fields such as industries, metallurgy and the chemical industry.

Noise caused by ball mill in mineral ores grinding process should be solved, and how to solve the noise and how to control the nose of ball mill are concerned by the customers. FTM heavy machinery today will briefly tell the customers how to control the noise problem.

The customers can take the steel as the outside shell while the interior takes the sound-absorbing materials or the ultrafine glass, and ball mill should be fully closed in the process, but there is one note that the customers should pay attention to is that a lot of heat will be produced while taking this method to decrease the noise in the process.

The customers should add the heat-resistant and wear-resistant rubber cushion between the interior surface and plate of ball mill, and to add one certain-thickness carpet between the plate and rubber can be used to prevent from being heated, so it can effectively decrease the noise of ball mill.

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