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The Methods of Replacing the Lining Plate of the Quartz Stone Crusher

2018/7/12 17:34:35

Quartz stone is a kind of very important ore resource, which can be used in production and life only when it has been processed. Thus, we will talk about the process of quartz stone. In order to crush and process quartz stone, the quartz stone crusher needs to be used. At the bottom of the quartz stone crusher, there is a very important component, the lining plate, which can efficiently decrease abrasion and prolong the service life of the machine.

However, we remind users of the abrasion of the lining plate in the operation of the quartz stone crusher. Then, what can we do to decrease the lining plate abrasion? What are the methods of replacing the lining plate of the quartz stone crusher? Here, Fote will talk about some notices in the replacement of the lining plate of the quartz stone crusher with you in brief.

First of all, before the replacement of the lining plate of the quartz stone crusher, the power should be shut off and the main switch should be turned off. Then, a warning sign, which reads on repair , should hang up on the machine obviously. If the used lining plate inside the quartz stone crusher cannot be discharged, it can be cut off by the gas welding.

When the lining plate has been installed on the quartz crushing machine, the gland nuts should be installed on it firstly and zinc alloy should be cast there. After the cast, the gland nuts and the locking plate should be installed on the machine firmly. After all the operation, the machine should be given a test-run to guarantee the safety of the machine.

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