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The Rotor Is the Key Part of the Impact Crusher

2018/7/16 16:32:50

As a very important ore crushing and processing machinery, the impact crusher with big crushing ratio and excellent crushing capacity can be used to crush and process different kinds of ores. However, the rotor is a very key component of the impact crusher, used to connect other key parts.

As a professional ore crushing and processing machinery manufacturer, Fote, here will talk about the functions of the rotor inside the impact crusher. The rotor is a key part used to connect the hammerheads inside the impact crusher. However, meanwhile, it is also used to balance the hammerheads. Although the ones on both sides have been measured in the replacement of the hammerheads of the impact crusher and the error does not exceed 5g, there is vibration of the equipment after the installation of it.

If the hammerheads on the rotor have been worn to different extent, the impact crusher will be out of balance in weight on both sides, which will lead to the vibration of the impact crusher. Therefore, the rotor of the impact crusher should also be noticed a lot.

In the maintenance of the impact crusher, if the rotor has been worn, it should be replaced or repaired. In order to make it be of longer service life, you can try your best to prolong the length of the rotor on both sides, which is one of the methods of decreasing the production cost of the impact crusher.

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