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The Usage of the Lubricant for the Crusher Machine under Different Temperatures

2018/8/17 14:33:47

In the usage process, due to the long-time operation, the crusher machine will be damaged severely. Therefore, after the usage of it, the crusher machine must be maintained in time. In recent years, with the rapidly increase of the air temperature, in the usage process of the crusher machine, the temperature of the machine will increase. At the moment, we have to seriously lubricate the machine in time to guarantee the normal operation and less abrasion of it.

In fact, the air temperature has a great influence on the lubricant. In order to decrease the abrasion of the machine in our daily life, you are recommended a method of increasing the use efficiency of the lubricant. It has been found that, under high air temperature, the sticky lubricant is thinning down. Thus, in the lubrication of the components of the machine with the same amount of the lubricant, due to high temperature, the lubrication effect is not as good as that several months ago. Therefore, under high temperature, you must adopt the quite sticky lubricant. However, in winter or spring, you can adopt the thinner lubricant. In this way can the lubricant work well and can our crusher machine be maintained well. With the reasonable lubrication process, the crusher machine will be more stable and have longer service life.

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