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The Function of the Latent Solvent for the Ore Powder Grinder in the Grinding Process

2018/8/30 15:20:44

The ore powder grinder is specially used to grind and process ore. As a professional ore powder grinding and processing equipment manufacturer, Fote, here, will talk about the function of the latent solvent, which is very important for the ore powder grinder to grind ore.

For the ore powder grinder, if the latent solvent has been added into the machine, inside the grinding machine there will be no adhesion and aggregation, caused by static electricity. Due to the strong adsorption capacity, the active substance on the surface of the latent solvent can stick to the surface of the particles of the material to make the particles do not cohere. Besides, it sticks to the cracks of the particles of the material, which can promote the expanding of the cracks to increase the powder grinding efficiency. In the mid-to late powder grinding period, the latent solvent mainly plays a role in dispersion, which decreases the aggregation of the fine material.

The fineness of the material, which has been ground to some extent, cannot decrease easily without the latent solvent. If it keeps being ground, the material will adhere. However, with the latent solvent, the particles can hardly ever adhere, which can increase the production efficiency of the whole ore powder grinder.

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