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The Allocation of the Equipment in the Gravel Production Line

2018/10/15 14:46:08

The gravel production line, a flow production line used to conduct the coarse to fine crushing processes of a variety of building stone, consists of lots of ore processing machines, which should be contacted tightly to work together to guarantee the finish of the gravel production line. Fote will talk about the allocation of them in the gravel production line.

First of all, we should select the primary crushing machine to conduct the coarse crushing process, the first process of the gravel production line, according to the size of the stone material, the output, and the user's requirement. In general, in the gravel production line, the jaw crusher is often used as the primary crushing machine.

Second of all, as a key processing equipment in the gravel production line, the feeding equipment like the vibrating feeder should be selected according to the mud content of the stone material because the materials with different physical and chemical properties have different states during the feeding process.

The circular vibrating screen with a certain size should be selected according to the performance of the adopted secondary crushing machine like the cone crusher. Here, Fote reminds you of selecting a bigger vibrating screen, one of the connect equipment of the gravel production line, which can not only make the screening process more clean but also can decrease the load for the machine. Then, the efficiency of the crushing machine can be increased and its service life can be prolonged.

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