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Ore Pulp’s Temperature Has an Effect on the Flotation Separation Process

2016/11/14 1:40:28

As we all know, in the flotation separation process, to increase the temperature of ore pulp can increase the flotation separation efficiency and reach a higher flotation separation index, such as the recycling rate and the quality of concentrate.

The temperature of ore pulp also has an influence on the effect of the activator and the inhibitor. In general, with the increase of the temperature of ore pulp, the effect of the activator and the inhibitor will be strengthened and accelerated. However, with the decrease of the temperature, the effect of them will be weaker and slower, which will lower the index of the flotation separation.

While some stubborn oxidized non-ferrous metal ores are being processed by the flotation separation process, in order to strengthen the effect of sulfuration of sodium sulfide, ore pulp should generally be heated. The temperature has a greater effect on the flotation separation index when non-metal ores are being processed by the flotation separation.

Due to the big differences of the ore pulp temperatures respectively in winter and in summer, there are some seasonal changes of the economic indexes of some ore dressing plants.

Because the amount of the ore pulp in an ore dressing plant is big, it is not economical to heat lot of ore pulp for the adjustment of the temperature. Therefore, common flotation separation processes are conducted at room temperature.

The reason why the temperature does not have an effect on xanthate so obviously is that, in the flotation separation process, it is easy for xanthate to be dissolved by water. Thus, the temperature does not affect it a lot and it is unnecessary to heat up.

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