Seven Maintenance Methods of a Raymond Mill

December 18, 2014

1. In the operation process of a Raymond mill, it should be in the charge of by fixed operators. And the operators should have certain skills of the maintenance of a Raymond mill. Before the installation of a Raymond mill, its operators should be trained about the necessary skills of the maintenance of it, which can make them get to know the principles and properties of the Raymond mill. Besides, they should be familiar with the operation process of it.

2. In order to make the Raymond grinding mill work normally, an equipment maintenance operation system should be set because it can guarantee that the grinding machine can be in operation safely in a long time. Meanwhile, there should be the necessary tools of maintenance, lubricants, and the corresponding parts.

3. After a period time of using a Raymond mill, it should be examined. At the same time, some easy-worn parts like grinding rollers, grinding rings, and blades should be examined and replaced. Before or after the using of the grinding rollers, the crews and bolts should be examined seriously in order to see whether they are loose or whether the lubricant filled in is enough.

4. When the grinding rollers have been used for about more than 500 hours they should be replaced, each rotary bearing inside the roller sleeve must be cleaned. Besides, the worn parts should be replaced immediately. The manual pumps and the grease gun can be used as the tools for refueling.

5. As for the adjustment of the fineness, because of the different sizes, hardness, water content of the materials, the processing fineness are different. The operator can adjust the separator on the top of the machine. The rotating speed is high, the fineness is high, while the rotating speed is low, the fineness is low. If the fineness is increased, the output will decrease. If the speed can not meet the requirement, the rotating speed of the blower can be adjusted, which can be grasped flexibly by users.

6. The wall thickness of the remaining grinding roll or grinding ring can not be less than 10mm. Otherwise, they will be scrapped.

7. When the Raymond mill is stopped, the first thing should do is to stop feeding materials. But the main engine still has to run in order to make the remaining materials continue being ground. After about one minute, the main engine and the separator can be stopped, which means that the grinding job has been stopped. Then, the motor of the blower can be stopped in order to blow away the residual powder.

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