Some Buying Tips on the Flotation Machine

May 07, 2015

In the mineral processing industry, as for the purchase of the flotation machine used to process ore, according to lots of mining clients, only the flotation machine of good quality, energy conservation, and of high efficiency is the most efficient one. It is because the selection of the flotation equipment is related to the effect of the whole mineral processing line and to the economic benefits of mining clients.

However, according to the current situation of the mineral resources in our country, the foreign production practice, and the actual situation of the mineral processing plants, the flotation equipment should be selected according to the following principles:

In general, the large-scale or the oversize ore flotation plants often choose to adopt the inflatable mechanical mix type flotation machine, such as the KYE inflatable type flotation machine. There is a cellular columned air distributor in the impellers cavity. Thus, the air inside the machine spreads evenly. The cell body of the flotation machine is U-shaped so that there will be less depositing tailing. It can also save 30%-50% energy comprehensively. However, if the client wants to separate ores simply and requires less inflating volume, the mechanical mix type flotation machine can be considered.

The middle and small scale flotation plants can mainly choose the mechanical mix type flotation machine. If some clients do not have a very high requirement on the inflating volume during the flotation process, they can choose the XJB-type flotation machine.

If the grade of the ore is a little higher, which is easy to be separated, and the particle size of the ore ready to be separated is quite fine and the PH is not high, the flotation column can be adopted. It is because the concentration capacity of the flotation column is higher, especially for the concentrate flotation. But, you’d better ask experts to operate the machine and to do some experiments of certain scale.

Besides, to select the type of the flotation machine, the design parameters and the production quality should be paid attention to, because they are the necessities to guarantee the normal operation of the flotation machine. In fact, the most important thing is to select the equipment according to your own mineral processing condition, which means selecting the most suitable one for yourself, in order to save energy and get high efficiency.

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