Some Elements Affect the Operation of the Spiral Classifier

September 08, 2015

The spiral classifier is necessary in the mineral processing line, which can grade ores according to different setting velocities of the particles. Among the variety of mineral processing equipment recently, the spiral classifier is needed a lot in the market. It can be said that, in the mineral processing line, the spiral classifier is an indispensable equipment. Thus, it is very important to improve the working efficiency of it. Then, which elements may affect the working efficiency of the spiral classifier?

The Equipment Structure Cause

The size of the grading area inside the tank of the spiral classifier determines the handling capacity and the grading density of the machine. To increase the weir height or to decrease the dip angle can increase the width of the tank, which can increase the area. The diameter of the spiral used to send back sand determines the width of the tank. The necessary lifting height to send back sand determines the dip angle at the bottom of the tank. The height of the weir has been determined at the beginning of the production.

The Operation Condition Cause

The feeding density is, in the operation process of the spiral classifier, the major adjustment element. It can not only affect the particle size of the gradation but also can affect the handling capacity of the machine with this particle size. Under the critical concentration, the handling capacity can be the largest one. The critical concentration is related to the specified grading particle size and it will change with the changes of the density and mud content of ore. The higher the ore density is, or the less the mud content is, the higher the critical concentration is.

The Ore Property Cause

The operation of the spiral classifier is affected by the ore properties, including the ore density, mud content, and the particle density. The ore density is proportional to the productivity of the spiral classifier. The mud content and feeding particle size mainly affect the slurry viscosity. The less the viscosity is, the higher the setting velocity is. And the handling capacity and the accuracy of the classification will be increased.

In industry, there are some human factors that can affect the working efficiency of the spiral classifier. Therefore, in the usage process of the spiral classifier, it must be operated gradually and reasonably according to the specification, which can greatly improve the working efficiency of it. It is responsible for yourselves and the engineering project.

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