Some Knowledge of Gravel Aggregate

August 20, 2015

Recently, gravel aggregate industry has been paid more attention to by lots of enterprises, such as the cement enterprises, concrete enterprises, and the mineral processing equipment companies. Certainly, it is not fantastic. It is believed that many insiders have noticed the great demand of gravel aggregate in the market in the future. In the mineral processing equipment industry, in recent years, the situation of the metal mining industry is increasingly severe, which makes many mineral processing enterprises get into trouble. However, gravel aggregate makes people get the hope. But, how much do you know about gravel aggregate?

In the production process of mortar or concrete, the sand and stone and other granular materials, mixed with cement and water, are gravel aggregate. It is the loose granular material used as the skeleton or the padding of concrete. In the concrete, gravel accounts for 3/4 of the total volume of the concrete. The aggregate can be divided into the coarse aggregate and the fine aggregate. The coarse aggregate consists of pebble, rubble, waste residue, and so on. The fine aggregate consists of the medium-fine sand, coal ash, and so on. Gravel aggregate plays a very important role in construction industry. In the agitation process, cement is stirred with water to become the pasty one. At this time, if no aggregate has been added into it, it can not be shaped up, which can not be used. Thus, in construction industry, aggregate is one of the necessary and crucial materials.

Gravel aggregate has been increasingly widely used in many projects like road, railway, water conservancy and electric power, construction , and so on. Thus, people are more strict with gravel aggregate. The aggregate should be of excellent mechanical property and should be qualified in chemical components. This kind of excellent gravel aggregate can help increase the quality of the concrete and the whole engineering project. Besides, the gravel aggregate of high quality is also beneficial to decrease the cost. Adopting the excellent gravel aggregate as concrete can decrease the proportion of cement, which can lower the cost. Therefore, the gravel aggregate of high quality must be welcomed in the future.

We, Fote Heavy Machinery, expert in the production of the crushing machines and mineral processing equipment, which can be used to produce and process gravel aggregate, in order to provide the clients with the excellent gravel aggregate.

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