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Some Notices of Feeding Steel Balls into the Tube Ball Mill

2015/7/16 18:12:22

First of all, all the technical parameters of the ball mill should be known. After the installation of the ball mill, we firstly should get to know all the parameters of the ball mill, according to the instruction offered by the grinding machine manufacturer. It should be checked whether the ball mill has been installed normally. After the configuration of the normal installation of all the equipment, the volume and the rotating speed of the ball mill should be measured. Besides, the critical speed of rotation of the ball mill should also be calculated. And the relationship between the ball load and the critical speed should be known by the operator.

Second of all, the run test should be conducted when the steel balls have been fed into the ball mill reasonably. In order to guarantee the quality and productivity of the machine, according to the working site condition and the lining plate structure, the loading capacity and various specifications should be collocated reasonably. Then, it can be in the run test. Combined with the production situation of the machine, it can be adjusted properly, which can make the machine be in the optimal production condition.

In the operation process of the ball mill, because of the abrasion of the steel balls, more steel balls should be supplemented into the ball mill regularly. At the time of the supplement of steel balls, the amount of the supplement should be adjusted according to the electric current condition. It should be noticed that steel balls can not be supplemented into the ball mill at a time blindly.

When the machine is stopped to be examined, in general, the steel balls should be cleaned. The broken steel balls, which have been cleaned out of the ball mill, should be screened and recorded well. Meanwhile, according to the grading requirement, the task of the supplement of steel balls should be finished well.

All the operation processes should be of a complete data record, which can offer the scientific reference to people to feed steel balls into the ball mill reasonably.

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