Some Notices of the Vibrating Feeder in Usage

August 04, 2015

As we know, the vibrating feeder is used to feed the materials, which is of block or particles, from the stock bin into the material receiving device evenly, regularly, and successively. It can feed materials into the crushing machine in succession and also can screen the material. Recently, it is widely used, with the crushing and screening equipment, in metallurgy, coal, ore separation, construction material, and other industries. There are some notices of it in use, which are as follows:

1. Before the start of the vibrating feeder, it should be checked whether some bolts are loose. And it should be checked whether the lubricant has been filled enough and whether the rotating parts can rotate flexibly. There should be no idlers around the machine. The machine in succession can be started at first in order not to cause the stack or jam of the material.

2. The output of the vibrating feeder must accord with that of the next machine. It should be prevented that the supply exceeds demand. The output can be adjusted by the start and the stop of the machine ever and again. If the output of the vibrating feeder does not accord with that of the next machine, it can be dealt with by adjusting the height of the wedge disc and the pawl track. If necessary, it can be dealt with by changing the size of the pulley to change the rotating speed of the main shaft. It is because the running speed of the belt of the vibrating feeder is very slow. It may be off tracking, which is too hard to be found out by people. Thus, in the run-test time and the initial stage of production, there should be the assigned person to watch whether the belt is off tracking. In the normal production process, it should be examined once to twice per shift. It should be adjusted immediately if it has been found that it is off tracking.

3. Because there is lot of stack in the use of the the vibrating feeder, it is too hard to assign someone to examine and fix it temporarily. Thus, the regular maintenance and examination tasks should be done well. At least, in general, it should be examined completely for once per year.

4. All the materials should be discharged before the stop of the machine as much as possible. All the materials around the working site should be used up before the plan examination, in order to guarantee the process of the examination and maintenance.

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