Some Preparations for the Test-run of the Ball Mill

January 05, 2016

As is known to all, before the ball mill is in the normal operation, its test-run must be conducted. In the test-run process, some hidden issues can be found in order to correct and improve the machine by the manufacturer. Meanwhile, it can guarantee that clients can purchase the qualified equipment. There are some preparations that need to be done by the manufacturer for the test-run process, which are as follows:

Firstly, the ball mill should be checked whether it is clean. There shouldn’t be any waste materials or other wastes in the machine. There are many cleaning tasks. For example, the bearing and the outer tube of the ball mill should be cleaned. The wastes around the ball mill should be cleaned up for fear of influencing the operator’s view.

Secondly, before the test-run, the oil tube should be disassembled. The oil inlet of the machine should be sealed with the blind plate.

Thirdly, before the test-run of the ball mill, the high-pressure oil pump should be in the operation firstly. The ball mill can be floated by making use of the oil film, which can decrease the torque of the ball mill. Then, every bearing and some parts of the ball mil should be lubricated.

Nest, it should be checked whether the anchor bolts and the liner bolts are fastened well. And the powder supply and the voltage should be examined. The joints between the motor and the reducer and the joints between the reducer and the grinding machine should be disassembled, which can make each part of the ball mill rotate separately.

Finally, the motor should be in the test-run firstly, then the reducer, finally the ball mill. The motor should be in the free-load running for 4 hours. And the reducer is driven by the motor to be in the operation for 8 hours. Then, the ball mill is driven to be in the operation for 24 hours. The temperature of the main shaft and the transmission shaft of the ball mill should not be more than 55℃. The temperature of the rolling bearing of the reducer should be less than 70℃. In general, if the machine has been in the test-run for 8-12 hours and the temperature and the vibration can be kept within the specified range, it can be regarded as the qualified one.

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