Some Principles on the Selection of the Flotation Separation Equipment

February 28, 2016

According to the national situation and the foreign production and practice, in general, in the selection of the flotation equipment, the principles below should be followed:

First of all, for the large-scale or the super-huge mineral processing plants, the inflatable mechanical mix type flotation machine is adopted like the Denver D-R flotation cell and the CHF-X flotation machine because its aeration quantity can be adjusted. It would not happen that it is hard for the air suction while the cell is growing, which would make the air quantity be less in unite volume of air quantity, which will affect the separation index. However, if the ore is easy to be separated and it does not need lot of aeration quantity, it can be taken into account to adopt the mechanical mix type flotation machine like the Wemco flotation machine, which can be adopted to process the ore of coarse particles.

In small and medium flotation separation plants, the mechanical mix type flotation machine is mainly used like the SF flotation machine to make full use of the advantages of the mechanical mix type flotation machine, such as less auxiliary equipment, simple operation and maintenance, etc. If the requirement in aeration quantity is not high, the XJ flotation machine can be used.

It is necessary for the construction of the large-scale mineral processing plant to make the flotation separation equipment be larger, which does not mean asking mini plants to adopt the large-scale flotation machine. The flotation machine’s size must accord with the scale of the mineral processing plant.

If the grade of the ore is quite high, it is easy to be separated, the feeding size is small, and if the pH of the ore pulp is not high, the flotation column can be adopted because the concentration ratio is high with it, which can especially be used in concentration operation. Only by some tests of certain scale and professionals’ designs can the flotation column be used.

The design parameter and the production quality of the flotation machine are the necessities, which can guarantee that the flotation machine can be in the normal operation. The selection of the equipment should be noticed a lot. Recently, there are a variety of types of flotation machines so that the analysis and survey in the selection of the flotation machine should be made in time.

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