Some Problems of Sand Maker in Sand Production Line

March 28, 2015

In the production of the new-type sand making machine, the overall awareness should be built stably. One who doesn’t consider the overall situation can not deal with even a little problem. If one just considers what he should do right now rather than what he is going to do in the future, he mustn’t be a promising person. According to people of Fote Heavy Machinery, in order to produce the new-type sand making machine of high quality, there should be a long-term plan. There are some problems of the sand maker in the sand production line, which are as follows:

1. Overheat of bearing. The overheat of the bearing of the third-generation sand maker may lead to the jam of the bearing rollers, which causes that the sand maker can not be in normal operation. There are two major causes of the overheat of the bearing. One is the lack of oil for the bearing or it is because there is some dust in it. At this time, more oil should be put in or the bearing should be cleaned up. The other is that the bearing is broken. If the bearing is broken, what we can do is to replace it.

2. The particle size of the finished products is too big. If the particle size of the finished products produced by the third-generation sand maker is too big, it can just be called a stone crusher instead of a sand maker. The main reason why the particle size of the finished products is too big is that the triangular belt is too loose. If the triangular belt is tightened, the problem of too big particle size of the finished products can be dealt with.

3. The clank of metal. It is abnormal that there is the clank of metal in the operation of the third-generation sand maker. It turns out that there are some problems of the machine. In general, the reason why there is some clank of metal in a qualified third-generation sand maker is that some quick-wear parts like the lining plate or the impeller haven’t been installed well, which may fall off. The only thing we should do is to fasten the quick-wear parts like the lining plate or the impeller.

4. The idling resistance is too large. While the third-generation sand maker is idling, the resistance is too large. At this moment, it should be examined whether there are some stuck materials inside the sealed cap, which is on the bearing. If some stuck materials are there, the upper sealed cap should be opened and the interior should be cleaned up.

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