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Some Tips of Decreasing the Abrasion of the Roll Crusher

2017/11/28 16:37:52

As a common used ore processing equipment, the roll crusher plays a very important role in ore crushing and processing line. Here, you will be reminded of the abrasion of the roll crusher by Fote Heavy Machinery.

The roll crusher is a kind of machinery used to crush and process ore, in the high-efficiency operation of which there will be much impact and friction between the material and the components of it. Therefore, there must be some abrasion of the roll crusher to varying degrees. Now, Fote will talk about some tips of decreasing the abrasion of the roll crusher.

It should be noticed that the material must be fed into the roll crusher evenly. Otherwise, it is very probable for its crushing cavity to get stuck by lot of material.

Besides, only when the machine is in the normal operation can the material be fed into it. The roll crusher can be stopped as soon as the whole operation is finished. Otherwise, there will be some residue in the machine.

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