The Application of the Classification Equipment

July 30, 2015

According to the different settling velocities of the particles in the moving media, the classification operation is the process to separate the particle swarm into two or many grades. In general, it is used for the fine material classification.

Generally, the size of the material ready to be classified is less than 5mm. It is not more than 10-15mm at most. The number of the size fractions by the classification is determined by the requirement. At least, it is divided into two grades. At most, it can be 10 grades. When the product needs to be separated into many grades, the order of the classification generally is from the coarse one to the fine one. In some situation.

The classification operation is used a lot in the concentration plants. For example, the classifier is needed in the gravity separation process and the raw ore dehydration process. Next, in brief, the application of the classifier is introduced by Fote Heavy Machinery.

1. In the gravity separation process, such as the one with the shaking table, before the preparation, the material should be separated by grading, in order to reduce the particle size’s effect on the separation process.

2. The classifier can be used with the ore grinding machine together, which can make the control box check the particle size of the ground ore. It is convenient for people to get the qualified ground product immediately and to reduce over crushing phenomena.

3. The classifier machine is used to grade and dehydrate the raw ore or material, the main aim of which is to reduce the moisture of the material.

4. The classifier machine is used to conduct the separation operation. It is mainly used to separate the material into different grades to accord with different applications.

The major classification equipment are: hydraulic classifier, such as the hydraulic classification box, mainly used to the classification operation before the gravity separation, which can also be used in removing slime or dehydration; The mechanical classifier machine, such as the spiral classifier, mainly used with the ore grinding process; And the centrifugal classifier machine.

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