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The Common Methods of Crushing Ore

2017/8/16 15:42:20

The ore crusher is the equipment used to crush ore. The common ore crushing machines are the jaw crusher, the impact crusher, the hammer crusher, and the cone crusher, and so on. Different ore crushing machines have different crushing methods. Next, Fote will talk about the common methods of crushing ore with you.

Breaking Ore into Pieces

The ore is broken by two staggered convex surfaces of the crushing machine. This kind of method is mainly applied to crush the hard and crisp ore, which is one of the common ore crushing methods.

Grinding Ore into Pieces

This method means that the material like ore is ground by two relatively moving surfaces of the machine or that it is rubbed by the grinding media of a variety of shapes. This kind of crushing method is mainly applied to grind the ore of small block.

Hitting Ore into Pieces

The material like ore is suddenly crushed into pieces by the impact force from the outside. There are some kinds of impact-type crushing methods. For example, the still material is hit and crushed by the impact object from the outside. Or, the high-speed moving material is crushed by hitting the steel plate. Or, the moving materials are crushed into pieces by hitting each other. This kind of method, hitting ore into pieces, is mainly applied to crush the crisp material.

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