The Common Mineral Processing Methods

September 06, 2016

The common mineral processing methods are the flotation separation and the magnetic separation. The development of the flotation machine plays an important role in the development of metallurgy. Recently, more than 80% of the whole amount of ore has to be processed by the flotation separation.

The design of the flotation machine is directly related to the use ratio of mineral resources. Because the flotation machine is a common used equipment among all the mineral processing equipment, its maintenance should be noticed. In the operation of it, there are some tips:

1. As the same as the other machines, the working capacity and the service life of the flotation machine are determined by the maintenance and the operation state of its major parts. Each part should be examined seriously once every 3 to 4 months. Besides, the new flotation machine should be often examined during the first few months of its operation.

2. In order to replace the quick-wear parts immediately and to shorten the machine halt time, the whole set of quick-wear parts must be often stored in the warehouse. The service life and the storage quantity of them should be ensured according to the concrete situation.

3. To keep the oil of the machine away from dirty matter or useless matter, there should be the filter while the oil is being added to the machine. When the flotation machine is in operation, the oil lid should be sealed.

4. Before the start of the machine, it should be examined and connected with other processes well.

5. The start order: to turn on the switch on the lock gate and to press the start button.

6. Since the start of the machine, the rotating parts mustn’t be touched with hands.

The magnetic separator is a key equipment in the magnetic separation process, which has many functions.

1. The magnetic separator can purify dry sulfate slag powder.

2. The magnetic separator can remove iron from non-magnetic materials.

3. It can separate the tailing again to recycle the relatively concentrated tailing from the tailing pond.

4. The magnetic separator can be used to separate the low-grade ore in advance to concentrate ore, increase the grade of ore before the grinding process, and to lower the cost.

5. The magnetic separator is used to purify powdered iron to remove gangue from the refined iron powder, increase the grade of the refined powder, and to increase the adds-on in mineral processing techniques for dressing plants.

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