The Common Problems and Solutions of the Shaking Table

December 09, 2015

In the gravity separation process, the shaking table is one of the necessary machines, which is not expensive but very common. However, if there are some problems of it, the operation of the gravity separation process will be affected badly. Thus, it is necessary to know its common problems and solutions.

1. Big Pulley: To stop the machine to rotate the big belt pulley with hand to check whether there is a gap of the big pulley. If so, it indicates that the big pulley is not installed stably, which will probably generate abnormal sounds in the actual production process.

Solution: To find a piece of waste steel or sheet iron to plug it into the dowel of the big pulley and to fasten the set screws which are next to it. Then, it should be checked whether the gap is eliminated.

2. Rocker: To stop the machine to check it. Firstly, the two toggle plates aside should be taken off. The big belt pulley should be pressed stably with one hand and the rocker should be rotated with another hand. In the normal situation, it can swing from side to side hard and it can not swing back and forth. If not so, it indicates that the rocker has not been fastened well.

Solution: Screw down the set screws on the rocker of the shaking table.

3. Spring: Stop the machine to check whether the spring is at the wrong position.

Solution: To hit the spring with hammer. In this way can the spring be in the original place.

4. Eccentric Shaft: Stop the machine and press the big pulley with hand and shake it back and forth. If it can move or there is the mechanical space, the eccentric shaft has not been fastened.

Solution: Screw down the two screws on the oil seal cover of the gearbox of the shaking table.

5. Toggle plate: Start the machine to touch the one toggle plate with the thumb of one hand and to touch anther toggle plate with the middle finger of the same hand to see whether there is space.

Solution: To adjust the screws on the spring bar according to the actual space.

6. To stop the machine to see whether the positions of the four support plates are correct to see whether they are in the middle of the moving box or in the side of it.

Solution: To adjust the position of the support plate to make it in the correct position.

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