The Concrete Installation Steps on Chinaware Ball Mill

December 04, 2014

The chinaware ball mill is a kind of ball mill equipment, which is widely used in ceramic industry. The chinaware ball mill is the ball mill in which there are ceramic balls. The capacity of it is small so that it is applied to small scale production. It is a kind of new-type ball grinding equipment of energy conservation, which is developed by the domestic professionals in mineral processing machinery by taking advantage of the latest technology of the domestic ball mills.

The parts of a chinaware ball mill can be alternative according to the actual situation. Thus, it is necessary that the installer should make himself master of the steps of the installation of a ball mill. According to the experts of ore ball mills, ball mills should be installed on the firm concrete foundation. In order to ensure that the position of each part of a ball mill does not change a lot in its operation process, the structure of the foundation of the ball mill should be one-piece.

A chinaware ball mill has a ball mill tube internally lined with the lining plates, which are made of wear-resistant materials. It has the bearings which are used to bear the ball mill tube and to make it keep rotating. There are driving parts of a chinaware ball mill like motor, rotary gear, belt pulley, triangular belt, and so on.

A chinaware ball mill should be installed on the concrete foundation, whose compression strength is more than 75%. Only when the compression strength of the concrete strength is more than 75% can the ball mill be installed. Before the installation, the quality of the foundation should be examined. It should be guarantee that there is no defect of the concrete, which may have a bad effect on the strength. The amount and the position of the preformed holes should meet the requirement. There should be no clutter and water inside the preformed holes. The ball mill can be installed by drawing lines. Bury the center guide board on the surface of the foundation in advance. Before the installation, draw all the center lines on the foundation and make a conspicuous mark as the impact point on the center guide board, which can be regarded as the center line benchmark.

After one gets to know the main parts of a chinaware ball mill and its installation steps, the chinaware ball mill can be taken full advantage of and it will bring more benefits. The installation methods of ball mills of different model numbers are the same.

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