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The Configuration Elements of Sand Production Line

2014/8/18 2:27:46

Before the reasonable configuration of the sand production line, some issues that should be considered firstly are as follows:

1. The size of the feed stock should be made clear. And the proportions of the materials with various sizes should also be made clear. Then, the user can consider which sand making machine can be chosen. When selecting sand making machines, users should take it into account whether the materials can be sent into the chosen sand making machine. And they should think about whether the output of the sand making machine can meet the requirements of themselves. If there are not too many larger stones that can not be sent into the primary crushing machines, the larger stones can be screened out firstly then the other materials can be sent into the crushing machines. The larger stones can be firstly struck to the appropriate proportion artificially then they can be fed into crushers.

2. The machines in succession should be consistent with each other. The outputs of the crushing equipment of each level should be consistent, which can save costs. For example, if the user adopts a mini jaw crusher and there is a large impact crusher in succession, this kind of configuration is discordant. The impact crusher can’t be taken full advantage of. Thus it is waste. Meanwhile, if the user adopts a large jaw crusher and a mini impact crusher in succession, there will be windrow and it will also be waste. Therefore, it should be guaranteed that each equipment can reach its maximum production capacity and that all the machines in the production line can be consistent. The staffs in charge of configuring the production line should have a comprehensive understanding of the sites and the sizes and proportions of the materials.

3. Consider about the capacity for investment of the users. If two production lines with the same output adopt different equipment, the costs of them will be very different. But, in general, the operating costs of the equipment with high prices are lower. Therefore, buyers can purchase the equipment according to their actual purchasing power. If the clients have high purchasing power, they can select the equipment with high properties for the sand production line.

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