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The Criterion of the Quality of the Lime Ball Mill

2015/3/22 17:40:29

In recent years, with the expansion of the scale of mine, the lime ball mill is becoming more important. The lime ball mill is widely used in mining, aerated concrete equipment, and in gravel production line, and other industries. The lime ball mill is the most common powder grinding equipment so that the development status of it is good. And it will have a development trend of being large-scale. However, what is the criterion of the production quality of a lime ball mill?

Firstly, what we should pay attention to is the thickness of the steel plate of the ball mill. Both the thickness of the ball mill’s tube wall and that of the lining plate, which is inside the tube wall, are the key elements, which can determine the service life of the ball mill. Then, what is the performance of a lime ball mill, in fact? In general, the service life of a lime ball mill is more than 10 years. Therefore, if the user maintains it according to the normal maintenance means, the ball mill will be in a good condition. Another crucial element is that, while going to buy the ball mill, you should notice the toughness of the screws.

The electric quantity of a lime ball mill equals to the quantity input from the power source. With the increase of the electric current of the lime ball mill, the rotating speed of it will increase, which will directly increase the working efficiency of the energy-saving ball mill. The production capacity of the ball mill in the open system is low. And its energy consumption is large. Thus, the discharging size can not be adjusted flexibly at any time. In the power plant or energy saving factory, the material of the lining plate of a lime ball mill should be chrome-molybdenum alloy steel, which is of high carbon content, or high-chromium iron, and so on.

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