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The Differences between the Ball Mill and the Raymond Mill in Working Principle

2018/12/1 9:24:10

Both of the Raymond mill and the ball mill are the key equipment used to grind and process ore. Either of them has its own advantages so that they are the inevitable processing equipment in the ore grinding production line. Then, what are the differences between these two kinds of ore powder grinding mills?

As a professional ore powder grinding machinery manufacturer, Fote will, in brief, talk about the differences between the Raymond mill and the ball mill and make the comparison between them. We hope that the ore powder grinding and process can be known further by you.

In the operation of the Raymond mill, the material is sent into the machine from the side of the hood shell. The grinding rollers hanging on the star rack rotate around the vertical axis of the machine and each of them rotates itself. With the centrifugal force, the grinding rollers press the grinding ring tightly. With the shovel blade, the material is sent into the gap between the grinding roller and the grinding ring. At this time, the grinding rollers are rotating and pressing the material to make the material be ground.

However, in the operation of the ball mill, the material like ore is sent into the first crushing cavity with the conveyor device. There are the step-shaped and wave-like lining plates inside the ball mill. Meanwhile, the steel balls hit and press the material to make the material be ground. Through the process inside the first crushing cavity and the second one, the powdery final product will be discharged out of the machine to finish the powder grinding process.

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