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The Differences between the Coarse Separation and the Fine Separation

2016/4/14 18:07:09

In general, as for the mineral processing line, some basic terms should be known, such as the coarse separation, fine separation, cleaning, secondary separation, tailing separation, and so on. The coarse separation, cleaning, and sweeping are mainly conducted by the flotation machine, the magnetic separator, and other mineral processing equipment.

After the primary separation process of the ore, whose some gangue or wall rock with moisture should be removed. Then, the grade of the product is higher than that of the raw ore. This product is called coarse concentrate, which still can not meet the standard of the quality of concentrate. This process is called the coarse separation process. The coarse concentrate is separated further to get the qualified concentrate. This process is the fine separation process. Sometimes, the coarse concentrate should be separated for many times by the fine separation process to get the qualified concentrate.

The tailing from the coarse separation process generally can not be abandoned as the final tailing, which should be processed further, which can be called the sweeping. To increase the recovery ratio of metal, sometimes, only by several times’ sweeping can the final tailing be gotten.

After these ore separation processes, most of the gangue and impurities have been removed so that the valuable mineral can be concentrated to get the concentrate. Concentrate, sometimes called the final concentrate, is the final product of the ore dressing plant, which can be used as the material for smelting. Only when the contents of the main components and the impurities of the final concentrate can both meet the national standard can it be called the qualified concentrate.

After the flotation separation process at a time, except for concentrate and tailing, the left one is the middling ore. In the separation process, the middling ore should be processed again. When the raw ore has been processed by the separation operation, its main components are concentrated inside the concentrate. Sometimes, after the comprehensive process, the minor components or other associated metals of the ore can also be recycled.

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