The Drying Power of the Sand Dryer

December 03, 2015

Many kinds of materials can be processed by the sand dryer. Because of its advantages, including the reliable operation, high adaptation, big handling capacity, it is widely used in many industries, such as the building material, metallurgy, chemical engineering, and so on. The sand dryer belongs to a kind of rotary dryer, which is often used to dry the granular material, sticky material, and the one of lot of moisture. The sand dryer, made by Fote Heavy Machinery, excels in drying sand. The sand dryer has lots of advantages, such as high productivity, wide application scale, small resistance, simple operation, and so on. The drying power of a sand dryer is an important technical index of its drying function. Now, we will help you get to know some technical indexes of the drying power of the sand dryer.

The major technical indexes of the drying power of the sand dryer are as follows:

1. Total Power

The total power is the percentage of the removed dust volume with the dryer and the fed dust volume from the inlet of the dryer at the same time, which can also be called even power.

2. Passing Rate

The passing rate is the percentage of the volume of the discharged dust from the dryer and the volume of the fed dust. The bigger the passing rate is, the bigger the discharged dust volume is, the lower the drying power is. Besides, when the drying power of the dryer is very high, it is more obvious to present the drying function of the dryer with the passing rate than with the total power.

3. Classification Drying Power

The classification drying power is determined by the particle size or its scale of the dust, which means, in certain particle size scale, the ratio of the collected dust volume and the total fed dust volume. There is a very close relationship between the total drying power of the dryer and the processed dust particle size. Although with one equipment under the same operational condition, due to different dust dispersion rates, the functions of the dryer will be different obviously.

More technical knowledge of the dryer can be gotten in Fote Heavy Machinery. If you want to get the price or the after-sale service of our drying machine, please call us at +86-371-69606666.

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