The Economic Benefit and Development Prospect of the Sawdust Pellet Machine

September 17, 2015

In the modern construction, lots of stalks in China have been brunt or discarded. It may not only cause severe environmental pollution but also may waste the precious renewable resources. The biomass fuel processed by the sawdust pellet machine is of many advantages, such as high density, high heat value, low cost, cleanliness. And it is convenient for usage, transport, and storage. It can be used as the fuel for gas furnace, heating stove, agricultural greenhouse, boiler, and electricity generation. Meanwhile, it can be used to produce marsh gas, fertilizer, feed, and high-density plate.

However, the biomass energy utilization industry in our country started late. The research and development of the sawdust pellet machine started just in recent years. Some clients, in investment, may worry about the economic benefit of the biomass fuel. We will present the development prospect of some sawdust pellet machine processes.

In the world market, the research and development of the sawdust pellet machine started much more early. Nowadays, the biomass curing fuels have already been commercialized in Japan, EU, USA, and other countries and places, which can be bought in supermarkets. However, in the market in China, the biomass fuel appears as a new-type product.

For example, the heat value of corn stalk is 0.8-0.9 times as high as that of coal, which means 1.1 tons of the briquettes fuel made of corn stalk is equivalent to 1 ton of coal. If the corn stalk is burnt in the biomass boiler, its burning efficiency will be 1.3 to 1.5 times as high as the coal-fired boiler’s. Thus, the heat utilization ratio of 1 ton of the briquettes fuel made of corn stalk is equivalent to, or even higher than, that of 1 ton of excellent coal. Besides, Its exhaust gas emission load is almost zero. Thus, the biomass fuel processed by the sawdust pellet machine has an important significance in environmental protection and energy conservation. Besides, the economic benefit of the biomass fuel is very obvious. It has the competitive price in the world market.

According to the analysis above, the biomass fuel made by the sawdust pellet machine has the significance not only of environmental protection and energy conservation but also of a nice economic benefit. Therefore, it should be promoted. As a technical production equipment, the sawdust pellet machine will have a nice market prospect.

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