The Factors Affecting the Output of Raymond Mill

January 22, 2015

In the operation process of a Raymond mill, in different situations, the output of the Raymond mill may be affected a lot. Or, there may be other problems of the Raymond mill. Some factors have been summarized by Fote Heavy Machinery, which are as follows:

Firstly, when the materials are being processed by the Raymond mill, the moisture of the materials is an important factor which can have an effect on the discharge amount of the machine. In the operation process of the Raymond mill, if the moisture content of the materials is kind of high, the materials, under the extrusion of the grinding rolls and grinding rings, may cling to the inside of the Raymond mill. Thus, there will be some problems about the discharge amount of the machine. If the finished products can not be discharged normally, the output of the Raymond mill will be low.

Secondly, that the materials which clients want to process are different is also an important factor. When a Raymond mill is processing some kind of ore to meet a requirement of certain fineness, the output of it can be 1 ton per hour. However, if the Raymond mill is used to process some light materials like charcoal, the output of it can not be 1 t/h. Therefore, the output will decrease.

Thirdly, different hardness of materials may also influence the discharge amount of the Raymond mill. Some clients want to process limestone, while the others want to process silicon iron. The hardness of silicon iron is quite high. When it is in use of the Raymond mill of the same model number and the fineness of the finished products is same, the output of the Raymond mill to process silicon iron must be different from that of it to process limestone.

Besides, the fineness of the materials that clients want to process is different. To process quartz stone, the output of the finished products with the fineness of 200 meshes must be different from that of the ones with 400 meshes. The lower the fineness is, the higher the output is.

Finally, the quality of the Raymond mill is also a factor. The quality of the key parts of a Raymond mill should be paid more attention to. The most important parts of a Raymond mill are the grinding mill and the grinding ring. If the quality of the grinding rolls is high, the productivity of the Raymond mill will be high and the output will be high.

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