The Hammerhead is the Key Part of a Crusher Machine

August 13, 2015

As for a crusher machine, the hammerhead is a key part of it. The service life of a crusher machine can be prolonged by nice hammerheads. Therefore, during the time of the selection of the hammerheads for a crusher machine, people should be serious about it.

Because of the pressure that acts on the metal by the forging machinery, the shape of the metal is changed to become the hammerhead of a crusher machine. Thus, the hammerhead is of a certain mechanical energy, shape, and a certain size. The forge and pressure includes the forging and pressing. By the forging, in the smelting process, some defects of the metal can be removed, such as being as-cast loose. And it can optimize the micro structure. Meanwhile, because the complete metal flow line is reserved, the mechanical energy of the forge piece is generally better than that of the foundry goods, which are of the same material as the forge piece. If the relative machinery is of high load and the working condition is severe, the forge pieces are often adopted except for the simple rolling sheets, section bars, or welding parts.

Whatever the brand of the hammerhead is, the usage method of it has a great influence on the service life of the hammerhead. As for cement enterprises, it is very important to know how to use the hammerhead in the right way, which can prolong the service life of the hammerhead of the crusher machine.

During the usage process of the hammerhead of a crusher, it should be noticed that it should be adjusted to the crushing surface with the wear-resisting layer. It is because there is a wear-resisting layer on the surface of the hammerhead of the crusher machine. If the wear-resisting layer is worn, the hammerhead will be worn more quickly. If 120 to 140 thousand tons of limestone have been crushed by a set of hammerheads, all the hammerheads should be adjusted to the crushing surface with the wear-resisting layer. Besides, inside the crusher machine, the hammerheads in the middle, which haven’t been worn too badly, can be moved to the two sides while the hammerheads at the two sides are moved to the middle place. As for a limestone crusher machine, the hammerheads at two sides must be worn more badly than the ones in the middle. In this way can the service life of the hammerheads be prolonged. Besides, it should be noticed that in the usage process, different anti-attrition measures should be taken according to different factors, which can prolong the service life of the hammerheads.

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