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The Impeller of the Sand Washer Should Be Maintained Mostly

2017/8/22 16:30:24

As a kind of key mining machinery used to wash gravel in the gravel production line, the sand washer can keep the natural gravel away from impurities like dirt, which can guarantee the cleanliness of the gravel aggregate from the whole gravel production line. Therefore, it is a necessary machinery for the gravel production line.

In the gravel production line, the major sand washing machines are the screw sand washer and the wheel bucket sand washer, the impeller is one of the very important components for both of which. You should focus on the expired impeller.

Due to the long-time usage, sometimes, the impeller may be expired, which certainly is a kind of common fault of sand washing equipment, which is caused by workers’ improper operation or by the incomplete maintenance work. There are mainly two kinds of losing efficiency of the sand washer’s impeller. One is that the impeller cracks for its brittleness while the other is that the impeller is worn by the material.

In the sand production line, the sand washer is a main processing equipment so that it should be maintained well and operated properly. Besides, it should not be in the overload operation. In the gravel production line, the maintenance of the sand washer is very important.

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