The Importance of the Gravel Crusher in the Cement Production Line

December 06, 2015

Gravel is a kind of building material. The ferrosilicon block inside the carbide slag can be removed by water. Through the settling, the water in the up layer is discharged. The water content of the thick slurry in the under layer is about 66%-70%. The coal, loess and iron-ore slag, the gravity perception of which is 16:16:5, are sent into the slurry grinding mill. At the grinding time, water should be added into the grinder constantly in order to make the slurry with the water content of 54%-98%. Then, the carbide slag and the slurry are mixed into the feed pulp containing 48±1% of calcium oxide. After the dehydration and drying process, it will be crushed into the small balls of certain size, which will be sent into the kiln to be calcined. When it is broken, it can be ground into cement. Besides, it can also be made into brick, mortar, and so on. All these can be realized by crushing machines.

There are a variety of mining crushers, such as the jaw crusher, impact crusher, hammer crusher, and so on. There are many flake-like slags generating from some equipment, which can not meet the demand. However, the slag of the same size of the sieve size can be produced by the hammer crusher, which can meet the demand. But, most of the final products of the small hammer mill are sheet. It would be better not to use it in large mining. Among all the machines mentioned above, the impact crusher can produce the required gravel. But it produces lot of stone powder, which will cause resource waste. Thus, some advance of it is necessary. The impact crusher can process all kinds of coarse or fine ore and rock, whose compression strength is not more than 320MPa. It can be widely used in many industries and is of many advantages.

In the production process, the impact crusher should be improved and adjusted:

1. The space between the plate hammer and the impact plate should be adjusted. Some experiments indicate that the space between the primary impact plate and the plate hammer is 25mm.

2. The rotation number of the rotor should be lowered. The particle size of the discharged product will be increased, which can decrease stone powder. According to some experiments, the most proper rotation speed is 450r/m. At this speed, the stone powder content can be less than 30%.

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