The Maintenance of the Briquette Machine

August 28, 2016

As we all know, the briquette machine has been used increasingly widely. However, how to maintain the briquette machine to make it be of longer service life? You must want to get to know about it eagerly. Next, Fote will introduce the maintenance of the briquette machine to you. In fact, it is not very hard to maintain it. Firstly, you have to know the major components of the briquette machine. The briquette machine consists of the reduction box, electric motor, two rollers, and a set of framework. There are lots of articles about the maintenance of reduction box and electric motor in many books or on some websites, which can be used for reference by you. As for the roller, which is a main part of the briquette machine, it consists of roller sheet and roll core. Among these parts, the roller sheet is the most important one because it determines whether the material can be pressed into the one with required shape normally. If there is something wrong with the roller sheet, it will be very difficult for the briquette machine to make the balls with normal shape. Then, how to maintain the roller sheet? Firstly, when the material has already been pressed into balls, the roller sheet has to be cleaned in order to guarantee that there is no residue inside the half spherical cavities of the roller sheet. Otherwise, it will be very hard to clean away the residue if the machine hasn’t been used for a so long time, which will cause that the pressed balls will be of irregular shape even that it may stick to the roller sheet. In these cases, the roller sheet should be adjusted a little. The long-time operation may make the roller sheet not be at its original position so that the half spherical cavity on one roller can not match with the relative one on the other roller correctly and the pressed balls can not be of the required spherical shape.

Finally, there are 6 tips of the maintenance of the briquette machine for you:

1. In order to guarantee the normal operation and the long service life of the briquette machine, there should be the special one respectively responsible for its operation, maintenance, and repair.

2. The gear oil for the reduction box inside the briquette machine should be replaced every quarter to guarantee the normal operation of the equipment.

3. Gear oil should be added to the gear chamber of the briquette machine twice per shift.

4. Each bearing of the briquette machine should be lubricated once a year.

5. If the briquette machine is in a long-time shutdown, the residue on it should be cleaned away.

6. The worn parts of it should be replaced or repaired in time.

Fote excels in the research and production of different kinds of briquette machines, such as coal briquette machine, gypsum briquette machine, etc. Our briquette machines are cost-effective.

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