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The New Usage Method of the Raymond Mill

2017/9/6 17:57:27

As a kind of well-known mining equipment used to grind and process ore, the Raymond mill is of high grinding efficiency and it can be used to grind a variety of ores. Thus, it is extremely applied to conduct the ore grinding operation. As an ore grinding machinery manufacturer, Fote will talk about the new usage method of the Raymond mill.

As is known to all, the Raymond mill is used to grind ore, which can grind the natural ore of big block into the ore powder of small particle. However, you may not know that there are some other usage methods of the Raymond mill, in which different final products can be produced. Next, Fote will talk about it with you in brief.

The new usage method of the Raymond mill is that it can produce ore particles. In the market, there are many different requirements. In many cases, the material like ore should be crushed. The more particles of its final product there are, the better. The less powder of that there is, the better. Few machines can meet this kind of requirement. The particle size of the final product produced by many ore crushing machines like the roll crusher is too big.

The Raymond mill is a kind of powder grinding mill, for which, theoretically, it is very hard to produce particles. However, with the special improvement, it can produce ore particles. In the final product produced by the improved Raymond mill, the proportion of the particles is high while that of the dust is low.

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