The Operation Tips about the Roll Crusher of Fote

December 01, 2015

Among all the crushing machines, the roll crusher plays an important role in the crushing machine field, which is mainly used to crush the crisp material and the one of medium hardness, such as limestone, coal, and so on. The roll crusher is widely used in sand making industry, water conservancy, construction, and other fields. In the operation of the roll crusher, there are also some things to notice. We, Fote Heavy Machinery, will present these operation tips for you, which are as follows:

1. If the material is of lot of moisture, it should be noticed whether the material gets stuck, which should be avoided as much as possible.

When the material, ready to be crushed, is of lot of moisture or stickiness, it may happen that the material jams the machine. At this time, the machine should be stopped immediately to deal with the problem. The jammed ore must not be poked directly in the operation of the roll crusher for fear of the damage of the equipment. Even, the matter used to poke ore is broken inside the equipment, which will cause more severe production accidents.

2. The lubricant should be used to prolong the service life of the wear-quick parts.

After the usage of every shift, the lubricant of the machine should be examined for fear of the lack of the lubricant, which may cause the abrasion of the two rollers, which will shorten the service life of the two rollers.

3. The material should be screened before the crushing process. And there should be a iron removing device at the inlet.

In the production process, if there are some unbreakable matters falling into the rollers and unable to go through the roll crusher, the unbreakable ones will flip over and over again between the rollers, which may cause the damage of the two rollers. It even cause that the equipment stops and the two rollers’ service life will be shortened. Therefore, before the usage of the machine, a iron removing device can be installed at the inlet of the roll crusher, which can prolong the service life of the two rollers effectively.

4. The roll crusher should be maintained regularly. And it should be examined.

After the production of the roll crusher, the equipment should be maintained and examined regularly, which can guarantee the constant and stable productivity of the equipment.

As the saying goes, no details no success. Thus, the quality of the product determines the future of the enterprise. We, Fote Heavy Machinery, provide our clients with the high-quality equipment.

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