The Performance Characteristics of Hydraulic Oil on Cone Crusher

June 23, 2014

Hydraulic locking and adjusting devices take advanced industrial oil of paraffin base (not cycloalkyl), and the viscosity of the oil is precisely determined, big oil film strength, strong affinity with the metal surface, high adhesion, chemical and physical stable. The viscosity of such hydraulic oil is high, and the other features are rapid water separation. Anti-foaming, anti-rust, anti-corrosion, anti-oxidation, anti-wear additives containing are main characteristics.

The hydraulic oil temperature is 38 ℃, and the hydraulic oil viscosity is 140 ~ 160SSU (29.5 ~ 34cst)under normal operating conditions throughout the year. Temperature of hydraulic oil is 100 ℃, and the viscosity of hydraulic oil is 40 ~ 50SSU (4.3 ~ 7.4cst), and the viscosity index is not less than 90. Under normal operating conditions throughout the year, 38 ℃, the viscosity of hydraulic oil is not higher than 300SSU (65.4cst), not less than 100SSU (20.2cst).

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