The Remarkable Features of the European-type Grinding Mill

February 28, 2015

The European-type grinding mill, made of Fote Heavy Machinery, has many features, which are as follows:

1.Low Running Cost

(1)The grinding efficiency of the European-type grinding mill is high. The materials are ground by the grinding rollers and the material loading bed of the vertical grinding mill. The energy consumption of it is low. And the power consumption of the powder grinding system is 40%-50% lower than that of the grinding system with ball mills. Besides, with the increase of the humidity of materials, the power-saving effect is more obvious.

(2)The loss of the metal is little. The lining plates and the grinding rollers are made from a kind of special material, the service life of which is long. The running cost can be decreased. Its utilization ratio is high.

(3)As for the European-type grinding mill, its feeding size is large, which can be 5% of the length of the diameter of a grinding roller. In general, the range of the feeding size is 40-100 mm. Thus, it is not necessary to adopt the secondary crushing process, which can be replaced by the large and medium-sized vertical mills.

2.Low Construction Cost

(1)The process of the European-type grinding mill is simple, the floor space of which is 50% less than that of the grinding system with ball mills and the construction cost of which is about 70% less than that of the latter. The building area of the former is small. It occupies less space.

(2)The European-type grinding mill system consists of crushing process, drying process, powder grinding system, and grading transmission, which is simple. Its layout is compact and it can be set in the open air, which can make the construction cost low.

3.Easy and Reliable Operation

(1)This system is equipped with an automatic control device, which can realize the remote control. And it is easy for users to operate this system.

(2)There is a device which can prevent the direct contact between the roller shell and the grinding table liner, which can avoid the violent vibration.

4.The European-type grinding mill has a great drying property. The European-type mill transfers the materials by pneumatic transport. While grinding the materials with a larger moisture content, it can control the temperature of the inlet air, which can guarantee the required moisture content of the finished products. The European-type grinding mill can dry the materials with 12%-15% moisture. However, a ball mill can only dry the materials with 3%-4% moisture.

5.The quality of the finished products of the European-type grinding mill is stable. The particle size of the finished products is uniform. And the materials do not stay inside the grinding mill for a too long time, which makes it easy for people to examine and control the particle size of the finished products and their chemical components.

6.It is convenient for users to maintain it. By examining the oil cylinder and reversing the lift-arm, the roller shell or the lining plate can be replaced in a very short time.

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