The Ways of Improving the Production Capacity of Ball Mills

August 12, 2014

The grinding system should be controlled automatically.

According to the noise of the ball mill, electric-magnetic vibrating feeders or belt feeders are controlled by the Electronic Ear method that can measure the material level. By this method, materials can be fed into the ball mill appropriately, evenly, and automatically, which can guarantee the most appropriate amount of the materials inside the ball mill. Then the output of the ball mill can be improved.

Strengthen the ventilation inside ball mills.

There is the wind with a certain speed inside a ball mill. The wind speed can ensure that the micro powder generated in the grinding process can be taken away by airflow in time. It can reduce the buffer action of micro powder. Then the grinding efficiency can be improved and the quality of the finished products can be guaranteed. There are various speeds of ventilation because of different materials. Generally, the range of the ventilating speeds is 0.3-1.0m/s. When the ventilation is well, the steam inside a ball mill can be discharged. And the holes on the partition won’t be blocked. Fewer adhesion phenomena inside the ball mill will happen. Besides, the temperature inside the ball mill can be reduced, which is beneficial to the ball mill’s operation and to improve the quality of the finished products. A ball mill should produce the cement with high grade at a low speed, while the cement with low grade at a higher speed.

Spray water into the inward of the ball mill.

It generates much heat while a ball mill is grinding cement, which is bad for the quality of the cement and the grinding efficiency. And it will have a bad effect on the output. Water is sprayed into the ball mill by high-pressure air, which can make the inward of the ball mill away from the heat. Then the cooling process is done. The temperature inside the ball mill determines whether the ball mill should be sprayed by water. Generally, when the temperature inside the ball mill is below 1000℃, the ball mill shouldn’t be sprayed by water. Besides, the amount of the water ready to spray is determined by the temperature of the clinker inside the ball mill. The amount of the water ready to spray accounts for 1%-2% of the cement’s amount. And the water inside the ball mill should be evaporated completely.

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