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What If the Newly Purchased Ore Crusher Has Noise?

2018/5/23 10:04:31

As we all know, there may be some problems of the ore crusher like the jaw crusher in its operation process. Some users consult us about the noise of the newly purchased ore crusher in its operation process. Then, why is there noise of the new ore crusher?

According to the technicians of our company, there are two causes of the noise of the new ore crusher. One is the starting noise while the other one is the operation noise. The former, in general, means the noise in the start process of the machine, which, in general, is louder, mainly generating from the electric motor. What we can do is to decrease this kind of noise as far as possible. Arguably, it is inevitable. Besides, improper operation may increase the machine's noise.

The noise in the operation of the machine is caused by the unreasonable design of the machine's structure. Therefore, in the actual production process, there is some noise. To deal with it, what we should firstly think of is to lubricate the part of the machine, from which the noise comes. In this way can we efficiently decrease the noise of the ore crusher.

According to the causes of the noise of the newly purchased ore crusher, users can rightly deal with this problem. Besides, in the purchase process of the ore crusher, the user can select the electric motor with good performance and lower energy consumption. You'd better test the machine on site in the plant to see whether it has much noise.

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